One of the biggest concerns for a common Indian citizen is the frequent rise in electricity bills every year. As the living standard of people grows year after year, a lot of lifestyle adjustments have to be made which sometimes becomes the reason for a high electricity bill.

However, there are ways to reduce electricity consumption and save your electricity bill. In this article, I’m going to cover 7 such tips which can help you save electricity and reduce your electricity bill.

Tip#1. Reduce the use of fan if you have AC

There is no reason to keep the fan running when you have the AC on. This will simply increase power consumption. If at all you need the fan to run, make sure to keep it at a slow pace.

Tip#2. Switch off your TV when not in use

Switch off the TV when you have finished using it. It will not just help in saving power but increase the overall lifetime of the appliance. 

Tip#3. Use 30W tube lights

Use 30W tube lights instead of 40W ones. They are very efficient and work fine for home lighting. Do not go for an upgrade unless you really need it. Trust me, this really saves power and ultimately gives you a lower electricity bill.

Tip#4. Use LED bulbs

LED bulbs are very efficient. You can use them in all your rooms where you need brighter lighting. Another thing which you must do is replace your “zero watt” bulb with a 0.5W LED lamp. Trust me, it will be worth it.

Tip#5. Use  your washing machines carefully

Washing machines consume a lot of electricity. This is a big reason to worry as it increases your bill drastically. To solve this problem, you can have no-wash days in your calendar every month.

Tip#6. Use task lighting

Sometimes you may need light for doing some particular work. You can use task lighting in those cases. For instance, you may not want to light the whole room when you’re reading. You can use reading lamps for such tasks. This will help in reducing electricity consumptions.

Tip#7. Use Micro ovens

Contrary to popular beliefs, micro ovens actually reduce your electricity bills. It reduces the cooking time and helps in saving up to 50 per cent of your cooking energy costs.


Those were some of the best tips for saving electricity and reducing electricity bill in India. When you save electricity, you contribute to the growth of the nation. The electricity you save can somehow be used to light up a bulb in rural India. Doesn’t that inspire you to save more electricity? 

Hope you found something useful from this article.  Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.